Two successful weekends

So, I had two back-to-back successful weekends at the boat.

fullsailFirst weekend saw the install of two new GC2 batteries (golf cart 6v) and a new charger from Sterling.  Everything went together easily!  So much better!  I was also able to try out the new spinlock fairlead, but it would not work (it created the wrong angle to the furling drum).  I also installed my stereo and two speakers (I purchased them almost 3 years ago… finally got them in!).

Weekend 2 saw the installation of a bulls-eye fairlead… and viola! the roller furler works flawlessly!  That was a mess I’ve been dealing with for over 3 years.  I also finally installed the “locks” for the microwave, so it doesn’t slide around when we get a good heel.  One other area of concern was the drain on the kitchen sinks.  The through-hull was froze (shut thankfully), so I re-routed the drain to the bilge (since the shower already empties there as well).  A few improved wire connections rounded out the projects.

sun_fogI did make it up the mast this past weekend… looks like I do have a wiring issue with the anchor light, so I’ll be checking that (and hopefully installing a new light soon).  Both weekends were perfect weather and I was able to get out sailing each time.

The upcoming weekend will be the bluenose race with the club.  We will give it a start… that is all we can promise!

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