On the hook


Line enjoying his coffee!

After installing a new anchor light, Terri and I ventured off to Henderson Point for a “raft-up” of about 8 boats.  We enjoyed some afternoon swimming (and dancing on the decks) before grilling out.  Around 8:30, we shoved off and set our own anchor for the night.  It was a beautiful evening, with temperatures dropping to the low 60′s.  That coupled with a full moon made for a pleasant night.

This was Stargazer’s first night on the hook (Terri’s first night ever on the anchor overnight!)… and my first since 1996!  Crazy that 18 years had past (granted 15 of those I did not have a large enough boat!).  Morning was also unbelievable!  The rest of the day we spent sailing and then rafting up with another couple to enjoy the day.  We finished up with another dinner onboard and then headed home to start the work week all over again.

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