New Cabin Table

Eric presenting the table!

Eric presenting the table!

Another log-awaited project.  The original table was in bad shape.  One thing that the previous owners had done (which was a neat idea), was to cut the table and they added a piano hinge.  This effectively allowed you to have a “short” table.  The problem was that the table in its shortened state was not very stable and you could not leave it in the down position if you were sailing.  So, back in 2011, I purchased a teak dining room table with the plan of shortening it in some fashion and installing it.

Fast forward to the fall of 2013… Eric came up to the boat with me and we took the measurements and put saw to wood!  Little scary at first. But everything worked out just fine.  We also took one of the leafs that came with the table and worked out a way for it to be added as an extension if we need it.  Nice to have a functioning table again!

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