Great Weekend

Terri at the helm

Terri at the helm

Terri and I had a great weekend on the boat, despite the rain.  We got up to the marina on Friday evening for the pre-race get-together.  Plenty of cake, cookies, chips & salsa, and homemade guacamole!

The forecast rain started around 5:00am, and early predictions had a 50%-80% chance of rain during the day.  Things let up around 8:00am when we had the captains’ meeting.  We were the 4 boat to start that day (staggered start) and Terri did a fantastic job at the helm while we jibed and tacked to hit the line.  We had a great start and were able to make the first mark in just 3 tacks!  Granted the next leg was really long (downwind for about 10 miles) and our sluggish boat got passed by the eventual winner Tenancious (which Eddie single-handed) and Rosebud… 3rd place did not officially catch us as we abandoned the race at mile 12.


Line running downwind

The wind was fantastic and the rain held off.  After sailing for about 2.5 hours (hitting what I think was the 1/4 mark of the race) we turned around and headed back to the marina.  All told, we sailed for 23 miles (half the course) and were on the water for about 5 hours of sailing time.  We know what to expect, so we plan to have a crew and do the whole race next year.  The winner finished at 7:14 minutes… the last boat came across the line at 11:30pm (taking approx 13.5 hours to finish)

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