Crazy how a month can fly by!  We spent most of our available time at the beach during the month of August.  Collectively, about 15 days or so, followed up with a 4 day weekend in the mountains.  It’s finally time to head back to the boat!

Don’t let the length of time fool you, I’ve been reading and planning a great deal (with regard to the new electrical house bank).  I’ve researched multiple chargers and have finally settled on Sterling (made in the us).  For the type of sailing we do, the smaller (10amp) system will be sufficient.  The charger came in this week, and I’ll be picking up the 6 volt (golf cart) batteries from Costco tonight.  Tomorrow will be a full day of electrical!  I also picked up a blueseas fuse block, so hopefully the stereo (after 2 years) will get installed!

I also plan on adding the new spinlock fairlead for the roller furler this weekend as well.  I’m not sure if it will work (where I am planning to put it), so I might have to switch to one of the Ronstan fairleads…  We will see.

Finally, I do plan to go up the mast as well to check the electrical / bulbs for the anchor light and steaming light.  Both are not working at the present.  We are also hoping for some wind, so maybe the beast can leave her berth!  More later!

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