On the hook


Line enjoying his coffee!

After installing a new anchor light, Terri and I ventured off to Henderson Point for a “raft-up” of about 8 boats.  We enjoyed some afternoon swimming (and dancing on the decks) before grilling out.  Around 8:30, we shoved off and set our own anchor for the night.  It was a beautiful evening, with temperatures dropping to the low 60′s.  That coupled with a full moon made for a pleasant night.

This was Stargazer’s first night on the hook (Terri’s first night ever on the anchor overnight!)… and my first since 1996!  Crazy that 18 years had past (granted 15 of those I did not have a large enough boat!).  Morning was also unbelievable!  The rest of the day we spent sailing and then rafting up with another couple to enjoy the day.  We finished up with another dinner onboard and then headed home to start the work week all over again.

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New Anchor Light!

"I'm on top of the world!"

“I’m on top of the world!”

After having some problems with the previous anchor light, On Saturday I went up the mast to replace the light completely.  It took a little while, but I was able to get it installed.  In a couple of weeks, the steaming light will also be replaced (not quite as far up the mast then).

I did use my climbing belt and Mark’s mast ladder (which is great).  Rick, on the docks, helped secure a safety line to back me up.  I was able to run a daisy chain around the top so I could hang without fear of dropping.  Needless to say, it is a little scary going up, but the back-up made it all the more comfortable.

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Name is finally on!

nameAmazingly, I purchased the stickers for the name change back in 2010 (yes, almost 4 years ago.  I finally got them on the boat this weekend.  Eric came up and helped me prepare the stern and we got the vinyl letter on.  Looks great!

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Terri with her new TV

Terri with her new TV

Shortly after installing the new table, Adam and I came up and installed a new 32″ flatscreen!  Great for watching movies after a long day of sailing.  No DVD at this point, but we can drive the monitor with iPad, iPhone or computer.

Note: The TV is displaying the old cabin with the old table. :)

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New Cabin Table

Eric presenting the table!

Eric presenting the table!

Another log-awaited project.  The original table was in bad shape.  One thing that the previous owners had done (which was a neat idea), was to cut the table and they added a piano hinge.  This effectively allowed you to have a “short” table.  The problem was that the table in its shortened state was not very stable and you could not leave it in the down position if you were sailing.  So, back in 2011, I purchased a teak dining room table with the plan of shortening it in some fashion and installing it.

Fast forward to the fall of 2013… Eric came up to the boat with me and we took the measurements and put saw to wood!  Little scary at first. But everything worked out just fine.  We also took one of the leafs that came with the table and worked out a way for it to be added as an extension if we need it.  Nice to have a functioning table again!

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Great Weekend

Terri at the helm

Terri at the helm

Terri and I had a great weekend on the boat, despite the rain.  We got up to the marina on Friday evening for the pre-race get-together.  Plenty of cake, cookies, chips & salsa, and homemade guacamole!

The forecast rain started around 5:00am, and early predictions had a 50%-80% chance of rain during the day.  Things let up around 8:00am when we had the captains’ meeting.  We were the 4 boat to start that day (staggered start) and Terri did a fantastic job at the helm while we jibed and tacked to hit the line.  We had a great start and were able to make the first mark in just 3 tacks!  Granted the next leg was really long (downwind for about 10 miles) and our sluggish boat got passed by the eventual winner Tenancious (which Eddie single-handed) and Rosebud… 3rd place did not officially catch us as we abandoned the race at mile 12.


Line running downwind

The wind was fantastic and the rain held off.  After sailing for about 2.5 hours (hitting what I think was the 1/4 mark of the race) we turned around and headed back to the marina.  All told, we sailed for 23 miles (half the course) and were on the water for about 5 hours of sailing time.  We know what to expect, so we plan to have a crew and do the whole race next year.  The winner finished at 7:14 minutes… the last boat came across the line at 11:30pm (taking approx 13.5 hours to finish)

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Bluenose Racing!

line_sailWell this weekend marks our first entry into a “race”.  This will be the Bluenose race basically running about 45 miles round trip.  I’ll be honest, we have no intention of finishing… we are not really prepared for night sailing, but we will start and have fun.  The race is a “fun race”.

You can chart our progress on www.marinetraffic.com  Just do a vessel search for “stargazaer ltd”  It should then allow you to see our position on the map.  Our start time is Saturday morning at 9:27.  Hopefully the rain will hold off and we will have wind!

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Two successful weekends

So, I had two back-to-back successful weekends at the boat.

fullsailFirst weekend saw the install of two new GC2 batteries (golf cart 6v) and a new charger from Sterling.  Everything went together easily!  So much better!  I was also able to try out the new spinlock fairlead, but it would not work (it created the wrong angle to the furling drum).  I also installed my stereo and two speakers (I purchased them almost 3 years ago… finally got them in!).

Weekend 2 saw the installation of a bulls-eye fairlead… and viola! the roller furler works flawlessly!  That was a mess I’ve been dealing with for over 3 years.  I also finally installed the “locks” for the microwave, so it doesn’t slide around when we get a good heel.  One other area of concern was the drain on the kitchen sinks.  The through-hull was froze (shut thankfully), so I re-routed the drain to the bilge (since the shower already empties there as well).  A few improved wire connections rounded out the projects.

sun_fogI did make it up the mast this past weekend… looks like I do have a wiring issue with the anchor light, so I’ll be checking that (and hopefully installing a new light soon).  Both weekends were perfect weather and I was able to get out sailing each time.

The upcoming weekend will be the bluenose race with the club.  We will give it a start… that is all we can promise!

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Crazy how a month can fly by!  We spent most of our available time at the beach during the month of August.  Collectively, about 15 days or so, followed up with a 4 day weekend in the mountains.  It’s finally time to head back to the boat!

Don’t let the length of time fool you, I’ve been reading and planning a great deal (with regard to the new electrical house bank).  I’ve researched multiple chargers and have finally settled on Sterling (made in the us).  For the type of sailing we do, the smaller (10amp) system will be sufficient.  The charger came in this week, and I’ll be picking up the 6 volt (golf cart) batteries from Costco tonight.  Tomorrow will be a full day of electrical!  I also picked up a blueseas fuse block, so hopefully the stereo (after 2 years) will get installed!

I also plan on adding the new spinlock fairlead for the roller furler this weekend as well.  I’m not sure if it will work (where I am planning to put it), so I might have to switch to one of the Ronstan fairleads…  We will see.

Finally, I do plan to go up the mast as well to check the electrical / bulbs for the anchor light and steaming light.  Both are not working at the present.  We are also hoping for some wind, so maybe the beast can leave her berth!  More later!

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Welcome Aboard

Heading up!

Heading up!

Work planned for this weekend!  I do need to head up the mast again to check out electrical connections and bulbs for the steaming light and anchor light.  We may be adding some spreader lights, but we will have to wait and see how things go.

The big event, is hopefully a new house bank (batteries) and new charger.  Our DC system is currently made up of two 12v “deep cycle” marine batteries, but the configuration may change to a back-up 12v, with 2 or 4 6v (golf cart batteries) for the house bank.

Looks like things will have to wait.  The weather is supposed to be rainy, so we will likely hold off on the major projects!

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